The #1 Best WordPress Alternative for Blogs! BlogHunch!

The #1 Best WordPress Alternative for Blogs! BlogHunch!

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For the longest time, I had been looking for a WordPress alternative exclusively for blogging. I know WordPress has grown so versatile; you can build much more than a blog. And that is great, but what if all you need is a blog? Well, in my opinion, WordPress was no longer the easiest or best solution for that simple use case. I no longer wanted to deal with managing updates, security, plugins, themes, etc. I just wanted to write, publish, and repeat; nothing more. So, the plan was to seek out a SaaS (software as a service) that would allow me to do just that.

It wasn't as easy as I had hoped. My requirements were that:

  • it must allow me to white-label it with my custom URL and branding

  • it must allow for a Hero image and post featured images on the home page

  • and most importantly, I must be able to write and publish posts from my smartphone

Of the solutions I was evaluating, I had not been able to find one that met all my requirements until I stumbled upon

BlogHunch | The Best WordPress Alternative for Blogs!

BlogHunch is a No-Code Creator platform that provides tools to create blogs, sell digital products, and establish a brand online.

Not only does BlogHunch meet my requirements, it goes beyond them with additional features that I hoped for but wasn't certain I would find. For example, built-in support for:

  • comments (including pre-post moderation)

  • subscribers

  • newsletters

  • pages (including navigation)

  • an RSS feed of the blog

  • and SEO suggestions based on post Keyword. This works similarly to Yoast SEO.

Post SEO Suggestions
Post SEO Suggestions

The entire BlogHunch experience is very slick and modern, from the outward-facing website to the back-end admin dashboard.

Dark mode is the default on the admin back-end and the blog front-end; which is awesome! Your entire blog can also be switched from dark to light with the click of a button, by the reader! If you are reading this on the Tech Doctor Blog go ahead and click the Light/Dark toggle to test this.

Light/Dark Mode toggle button
Light/Dark Mode toggle button

The distraction-free text editor is a breeze to use with all of the most common formatting tools at your fingertips as you type.

The auto-generated Table of Contents wasn't even advertised as a feature, but was a happy surprise to discover! And it can be turned on or off per post as needed.

My favorite part is that the entire system is available on mobile as a PWA (Progressive Web App), which I LOVE! The PWA allows you to install the website as if it were an app on your mobile device, without actually needing to download anything from the app store! This is a VERY underrated feature that I wish more SaaS developers would take advantage of.

Install BlogHunch on mobile devices
Install BlogHunch on mobile devices

Having the ability to manage my blog from my phone, on the go, is priceless! After you install the BlogHunch PWA on your device with a couple of clicks, you can then find the app icon on your home screen. You just tap it like any other app and it launches. You then have full access to every feature in the palm of your hands and can immediately start writing a blog post from literally anywhere, and publish at will. If you don't want to publish it immediately you can also schedule it for a later date.

BlogHunch on Mobile Device
BlogHunch on Mobile Device

Blogs created with BlogHunch include hosting, so you don't have to worry about that. It's not even an afterthought. The entire blog is hosted and managed by the BlogHunch team on very fast secure servers. Hosting, security, and speed were all headaches I had to deal with when creating a blog on WordPress. With this WordPress alternative, these headaches are a distant painful memory!

On the customer service front, BlogHunch support has been very helpful in answering all my concerns and is open to suggestions for improvements. They're also constantly working to refine and improve the system.

Some features are still in the works, like the Newsletter feature and the AI-powered SEO suggestions, but I'm following their roadmap and things are moving along nicely.

Ultimately, BlogHunch was singlehandedly able to do what no other Blogging platform was able to do; WOW me! And that is saying A LOT! In my opinion, BlogHunch truly is the best WordPress alternative for blogging!

This very blog is hosted by BlogHunch technology. If you like what you see and want one of your own, head over to today. You can get started for Free, or purchase a paid plan for access to even more features!

🌞 Get your BlogHunch account today | Click THIS LINK to sign up now! ✨🌟

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Ann Jackson Ann Jackson

This is very exciting to hear about a alternative form of Word Press. I never heard of BlogHunch so thank you for giving me the details about it. I like how it has so many additional features.

Reply to Ann Jackson


Thanks for the comment Ann! I highly recommend it. Hope you give it a try. 🙂


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